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How to check and edit your connection settings

To check your connection setting you can either open your CLOUD.JSN if you have a code editor or you can use Thingsee Creator.

If using Thingsee Creator select the device from the "Device" tab which you want to check and edit the connection settings. Then you should be in the dashboard from the device selected.
Click in "Settings" button (highlighted with orange color) from the top right side of the page.


After selecting the "Settings" button it will appear the following view.

Follow the instructions. First, connect your Thingsee to your computer via USB. Choose the CLOUD.JSN file from Thingsee external drive and click "Next" button. After you will be able to check the setting that you have previously created. If you need you can edit them and save the new CLOUD.JSN file to your Thingsee external drive.

Note that you can have only one CLOUD.JSN file. So, if you have now a CLOUD(1).JSN file rename it to CLOUD.JSN and rewrite on Thingsee folder.


Checked my settings and everything is fine, but still my connection is not working!!

Then the problem has to be in the COULD.JSN file. Follow the link to confirm and correct the problem.


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