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Getting started with Thingsee One

Thingsee One is a fantastic little device that you can attach or place almost anywhere to gather data in an efficient and flexible way, basically making whatever you attach it to an Internet of Things device.

Quick guide

Getting your Thingsee One device connected starts with the Thingsee Creator, our visual programming tool.

How to get started with Thingsee One:

  1. Charge your device & insert a SIM card if you're using a cellular connection
  2. Register your device to Thingsee Creator
  3. Understand How to use Creator tool: Purposes, States and tasks
  4. Create your first purpose or Built a simple purpose in the Thingsee Creator tool
  5. Confirm data coming to Thingsee Creator dashboard

Once you have succesfully completed the four steps above, you have a end-to-end connected sensor device in your hands! Now you're set for creating more complex Purposes for your Thingsee device.

What's next?

You can start getting deeper into Thingsee Creator:

  1. How to create multiple tasks
  2. How to create multiple states
  3. How to have device to move between states

You can get help on how to do these three steps from How to build multiple states and tasks

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