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How to log data to your device memory

You can log data from active senses to your device SD card.

To enable logging:

  • Create a purpose or edit your purpose
  • Choose a task
  • Enable the senses you want
  • Check "Log values to device" for the senses you want to save to the device.

The sense values will now be logged to the device at your defined polling intervals. You can find the logged values on the device in the CAUSES.LOG file. The file is a comma separated list of events. Here's some sample data.


  • There you can see that pressure and ambient_light are columns for the sensor name.
  • After the names are sensor ID's. (0x00060400 and 0x00060300)
  • Next are the actual reported values from the sensor (0:1002.460690 is hPa for air pressure, 0:17.820000 is ambient light in lux)
  • Next are the UNIX timestamps for the events

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