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My device is not sending data to Thingsee Creator dashboard.

If you have already checked the 'How do I make sure the connection to cloud is working?' article, and still couldn't solve your problem, you might want to take a look below.

If you can see that Thingsee One is retrieving data (there is data flowing in the senses view), please check 1.

On the other hand, if you can't see any in Thingsee One senses view, then see 2.


  1. I see data flowing in Thingsee One's senses view and I am sure my connection to cloud is working

If you have a running purpose in your device and there is no data transmitted from Thingsee One to the cloud, it could that, even though you have the correct connection settings, you have the wrong CLOUD.JSN file.

When you register your device in Thingsee Creator, it is given a 'deviceAuthUuid' and a 'deviceAuthToken' that are unique.
That is, you can have the same device registered more than once in the same account, but still the uuid and the token will be different so that the software can recognise which device you are using.

So it is possible to have everything work fine except for the connection from your device to our backend.

You can confirm this yourself by checking the dashboard view:

See if the code after the URL: is the same as the deviceAuthUuid from CLOUD.JSN file (if you don't have any software to open a .JSN file you can download notepad++).


If you have a different deviceAuthUuid in CLOUD.JSN file than the one presented in Thingsee Creator then the solution is to:

  • Delete the current device from the device list in Thingsee Creator
  • Connect your Thingsee One to the computer via USB-cable
  • Delete the CLOUD.JSN file from your device's SD card
  • Then proceed to the registration of a new device
  • After this, the connection from Device to cloud should be working well.


  1. Check the Purpose task logic in Thingsee Creator

Do you have a Purpose where a task has not come true?

Example: if you set location and impact sensors for a task, both have to come true. Even if impact happens, the task won't send data to the cloud if Thingsee can't get a fix for location.

NOTE: Thingsee device searches for GPS signal in specific intervals to save power.

Recommendation: Separate the senses per type of sensor they use.
Thus, have a task for location, another for speed another for environment sensors and so on.


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