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My Thingsee is frozen. What can I do?

Just in case, try pressing and holding the power button on the right side of your Thingsee screen. Also make sure your Thingsee is charged.

Check your Purpose task logic

Check that your Purpose from Creator application is not overloading the device. If it is you'll be getting error messages on your senses view like the ones shown here. You can delete the profile.jsn file from the device in mass storage mode via USB.

Deleting the profile.jsn file from Thingsee in mass storage mode will reset the profile in the device to the Thingsee default profile, Measuring: Temperature or Batterycapacity


My purpose is fine! What else can I do?

You can reset the device. Thingsee has a reset button inside.

  • Take the screwdriver from Thingsee package, 
  • Screw open all the six screws on the back of your Thingsee device,
  • Open the USB rubber cover and open your Thingsee device
  • Find the Reset button next to Flash button (on top of the SIM card connector as seen on the picture attached below)
  • Press reset button and confirm Thingsee restarts
  • Close the device by screwing in all the six screws with the screwdriver as instructed in the Thingsee One quick guide



Still my Thingsee One is not working! How can I solve it?

You can have a corrupted SD card.
Thingsee One cannot work without a working SD card. Therefore, let's format the SD card.


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    Ian White

    I wasn't able to power cycle the device so I opened the device and am looking at the board-- there is no Flash or Reset button. I also looked at and seems there is not a reset button. Apart from letting battery drain, is there anything else I can do to reset the device?

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    Thingsee Support


    Thanks for your comment.
    The article has been updated to incorporate a better description.

    Paulo, Thingsee