Thingsee Support

Charging your Thingsee One

For a fast recharge we recommend a wall charger, which can be as much as four times faster than charging through a PC's USB port.

If you choose to use a USB cable (like the one that comes with your Thingsee One) and a PC to charge your Thingsee One, please follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your device
  2. Attach the USB cable between your computer and your Thingsee One
  3. The "mass storage mode" and the animated battery icon on the main view tell you that the device is charging
  4. Eject Thingsee One from your computer before disconnecting the cable

With a wall charger, things work pretty much the same as on battery power. The animated battery icon on the main view tells it's charging.

Thingsee One is only active when it's unplugged from a PC and running on battery, or when it's connected to a standard charger.

NOTE: When in "mass storage mode", Thingsee One won't collect or send any data. 

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