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How to use Thingsee Creator: purposes, states and tasks


1. Terminology

Purposes: You give your device a purpose, what you use Thingsee for. Let's say you make it a boat theft alarm. Different scenarios in that purpose lead to the creation of states.
States: Think of different scenarios your boat alarm could get into. Most of the time your boat is most likely parked at the marina, or moving when you drive it. You could now create two states, 'Parked' and 'Moving'. Now you define what the device does when it's parked, and when it's moving, with tasks.
Tasks: Think of what you wish each state to monitor. You'd probably wish to know the battery level at all times, monitor location when moving and monitor light vibration (impact) for reading if engine is on.

2. What's the overall logic in Creator?

Thingsee Creator high-level logic could be described in the following way:

(NOTE: Larger pictures downloadable at the bottom of the page)

Now let's look at the deeper logic. Thingsee Creator works the following way:



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