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My WiFi connection isn't working, what do I do?

Double-check the connectivity setup

Make sure you have completed the connectivity setup according to the instructions. Use the Connection check feature from settings menu to see the status of your WiFi connection. For more details read How do I make sure the connection to cloud is working?


  • your connection is OK, then go to point 1;
  • your connection is not OK, then go to point 2.


  1. Check the Purpose task logic

    Make sure your Purposes states and tasks have sent data. If you have set up several sensors inside a singular task, make sure they have all come true. Otherwise the task will not send any data.
    Give a look at My device is not sending data to Thingsee Creator dashboard.

  2. Possible Solutions:

  • Double-check your WiFi settings from How to check and edit your connection settings.
  • Make sure that the frequency of the connection that you're using is 2.4GHz. Thingsee is not capable of operating with 5GHz or any other frequency for that matter;
  • Try to connect to a network without encryption;
  • Try to connect the device to your mobile phone by tethering your mobile data;
  • Change the WiFi Channel Number to Avoid Interference. You can change your WiFi channel from your router setup.
    Give a look at abouttech article.




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