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How do I send my purpose to the device?

There are two main options to send the purpose to device: either wirelessly over-the-air, or via USB cable. 


  1. Purpose update over-the-air

The update can be done using either WiFi or cellular connection. But first, please make sure your connection to cloud is working. Without it you won't be able to update over-the-air.

  • In Thingsee Creator, select Send to device button either on the Purpose view or Purpose list 
      • When you click on the Send to device button you will get a message stating Update pending. This is not an error. In fact this is a buffer process that respects the device's privacy. 
      • When you click on the Send to device, the command will be stored on our servers until there is a connection from your device to our server; without a new connection the command, and purpose, can stay stored on the server side for quite some time, hence the message Update pending. 
      • That is the Backend (web app) cloud connection
  • Now let's make the device-cloud connection. For that there are two options:
      1. You can either force it by selecting Backend update in device's setting, or
      2. You wait for your device to send some data to the cloud and therefore opening the connection device-cloud. For this you'll need a task in the previous purpose sending values to the cloud.

NOTE: Device's WiFi or cellular connections are not active when it is connected via USB and in Mass storage mode.


  1. Purpose update via USB

You can update a purpose via USB in mass storage mode by following these steps:

  • First connect your device to the computer via USB cable
  • Download the purpose from Thingsee Creator. In order to do it open the Purposes view, select the purpose and click the Download button (as seen on the top right corner of the picture below)
  • Save the profile.jsn file in your Thingsee folder
  • Eject the device from your computer
  • Thingsee One will automatically restart
  • Now, your Thingsee One should be analysing data and sending it to the cloud


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  • Avatar
    Matias Saarinen

    The purpose update via USB works for me but the wireless update doesn't. Also the purpose of the device is not updated to the cloud service. Have I done something wrong when adding the device to the cloud service or could there be another explanation?

  • Avatar
    Thingsee Support

    Hi Matias,

    Please check if you have connection to the cloud through your Thingsee One from here:
    This might help.


  • Avatar
    David Krmpotic

    So "going to Backend update on device" is a neccessary step ? It seems so but this is disappointing :/

  • Avatar
    David Krmpotic

    How can I update the purpose remotely then if I have my TS in the house and I'm on the other side of the planet? or even just another city or maybe another house, whatever.. I want to update purposes remotely!

  • Avatar
    Thingsee Support

    Hi David,

    Choosing "Backend update" will force a connection from the device to the cloud.
    However it is not necessary if you have already an event connecting to the cloud. So you can update over the air.
    For more information please give a look at this tutorial: