Thingsee Support

What is Thingsee Creator? What is it for?

Thingsee One is an ideal device for fast data gathering in the field.

  • Get data out from sensors in minutes
  • Don't just get data, build your working proof of concept with Creator tool
  • You don’t need to have programming skills to start doing measurements

You can measure environmental data, like temperature, humidity and air pressure. Get notified about vibrations or impacts. See live data about location and speed or trigger actions using geofences, and so much more.

Setup is easy and reconfigurations can even be done over cellular networks.

You can send data to our cloud dashboard, log it on the device and have SMS messages sent to you when important events take place.

 Thingsee Dashboard and logging functionality allows for fast and easy gathering and inspection of sensor data.

Build prototypes in minutes

Building new applications for the Internet of Things has never been so easy. Design a purpose for Thingsee and Thingsee will start producing data for you.

You can quickly set up your Thingsee One to perform quite complex tasks.

 Creating a new purpose for Thingsee One is done with Thingsee Creator. It only requires you to set up the states, tasks and senses that are contained within your specific purpose.

Once you’ve done all that and sent the purpose to your device, you’re good to go!

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