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How to build a simple purpose: Temperature logger

Purposes define how your Thingsee One reacts to conditions around it and sends the data to a location. This quick setup will help you get data out of your Thingsee One and test the cloud connection with Temperature and Impact senses.

NOTE: the temperature sensor. Temperature reading is affected by device charging and/or internal component heat. For accurate readings, set the device to poll the temperature about once an hour.

Next steps:

  • create a new purpose
  • create new state(s) for the purpose
  • set up tasks for the state

Create a new purpose and a task

Let's say you you want to monitor the temperature in your garden. Go to Purposes, create a purpose called "Temperature logger", and create a new task called "Temperature log" to the first state.


Defining a task

Purposes are state-based setups so each state can have a set of tasks to check for and react to (Triggers & Actions).

You can set how often this sense is read. Select "minutes" from the drop-down box and insert 15. This way, the data being pooled from the device is sent every 15 minutes.

Then click "Save" button and your purpose is ready. You will receive a notification that the purpose was saved. Now your Thingsee One has a purpose! 


Updating the Purpose to your device

Now you can either click "Send to Device" button or by clicking "Download" button.

If you use "Send to Device" button then you'll need to have a cellular or a WiFi connection. After you click on the "Send to Device" button you will get a message saying the "Save and send to device" then click send. After you will get a notification saying "Update pending". Now go to your device and select "Backend update" from device's settings menu. This makes a request to Thingsee Cloud for updated information. You will get a notification in your device's screen saying "Backend connection successful". Scroll down until you see the "back" option. Select "back" and get out of the settings menu to which you should now see in your device's main view "Temperature Logger" for the purpose and "Start State" to the state. 
If your purpose is not updated successfully or if it gives an error, go back to Register your device to Thingsee Creator & Cloud and see if you missed something.


If updated via USB by using the "Download" button, when you eject the USB from the computer, the device will reboot and automatically check for any changes. Once the device has restarted it will show in your device's main view "Temperature Logger" for the purpose and "Start State" to the state. Note that in mass storage mode your device won't read any sensor data or communicate to cloud. Device works normally when you plug a charger to the mains. 

NOTE: You can only have one purpose in your device at a time so if you have more than one profile.JSN e.g. profile.JSN and profile(1).JSN, the device will only read the file that has the name profile.JSN. This will not happen if you send it to device (by using the "Send to device" button) because it will replace automatically the previous profile from your device.

How to test your Purpose is working

Remember to wait for the duration of the task interval time. In the tutorial we set it for 15 minute. However, if you want to have a quick update on the dashboard change the polling interval to e.g. 30 seconds. Go to Thingsee Creator's dashboard page by clicking “Devices” in the navigation and then your device in the list. In a moment you should see your updated temperature on the dashboard view.


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