Thingsee Support

Power key functionality

  • Turn on the device by pressing the power key until the Thingsee logo is displayed on the screen
  • Turn the device on or off by a long press. For turning off, there is a 3 second animation through which you need to hold down the power key.
  • In the idle view, short press of the power key turns the device screen off and the device goes into low power sleep mode. This also happens if there are no user interactions (capasitive sensor or power button events) in 20 seconds.
  • If the device UI is in the settings menu, the device will stay permanently on since some of the tests cannot be interrupted by turning the device to sleep mode. To enable automatic device sleep, exit the settings menu.
  • If the device has been manually switched off by using the power key, it only starts with a long press of the power key or battery removal and re-insertion
  • Apart from the main and sense views, the power key function is indicated on the display by a label tilted 90 degrees
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