Thingsee Support

Supported functionality

  • Supported connectivity: Wifi, Cellular
  • Device can connect to cloud using either Wifi or Cellular connectivity (needs to be configured by the user with application available in Thingsee Creator). Either Wifi or Cellular connectivity can be used. Easy check whether Wifi is working, can be done with mobile hotspot – wifi connection is working, if the Thingsee device is connected to the mobile phone.
  • Engine has capability to store the sensor data to SD card
  • Device SW can be updated easily by copying update.oci file to SD card (B2.0 devices have already bootloader, which enables this functionality). Change the name of NuttX.oci to update.oci (if not already named update.oci) and copy the file to SD card. When booting up, the device flashes new software automatically.
  • SMS sending is now configurable to prevent too many SMS messages from the device (default: minimum interval in minutes = 0, amount of sms message allowed/day = 24). You can configure these values, if you want, when registering the device or in settings (defined in cloud.jsn file).
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