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I have GPS fix acquired but I don't get my correct location on dashboard.

The initial location that shows in your dashboard is where the latitude and longitude are zero and where is the defined starting point for Thingsee One.

When you have the GPS fix acquired you have got it from the connection check feature. This means that your device is able to get a GPS signal.
However, there are two options why you're not getting your device's location:

  1. You haven't activated the GPS sensor, and/or
  2. You are inside a building, home or any other infrastructure.


To solve point 1:

Create a purpose in which you have only the location sensor active (you can use the temperature logger purpose as an example to create your location purpose - 1 state & 1 task). Send it to device via WiFi or cellular connectivity, or download it and copy paste it to your device (via micro-USB cable).

Once it is working in your device you'll need to wait some time to get your location fix (in worst case scenario you'll need at least 8 min - please refer to How GPS works article to read more about it).

Suggestion: Attached there is a profile with GPS sensor activated with a 10 seconds pooling interval. You can either import it to Thingsee Creator or move it to your device via a micro-USB cable.


To solve point 2:

Go outside, to a somehow clear area (a narrow street with tall buildings or a dense forest area have impact on the quality of the GPS signal as well as the amount of connected satellites) and restart your device. After your device has restarted wait for at least the amount of time you inserted as the polling interval and the normal time to acquire a fix (as mentioned above, the worst case scenario is 8 minutes).

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