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How does the device GPS work?

GPS is the most power-consuming part of your device. Therefore, we have created a smart battery consumption software for battery optimisation when using the GPS.

GPS will try to get a fix for 3 minutes regardless of the polling interval specified by you while creating a purpose.

  • If the device gets a fix before the 3 minutes expires, it goes to sleep mode and starts to follow your polling interval 
  • If it doesn't get a fix within the 3 minutes it goes to sleep mode for 5 minutes, after which it again starts to search for the GPS fix for another 3 minutes

Because of the power save mode (PSM) feature, the device might take more than 8 minutes to get an accurate location if the device does not get a GPS fix during the first 3 minutes of searching.

Another important feature of the GPS PSM is that after it acquires a fix it will stay active for a maximum of 10 seconds for accuracy purposes before going to sleep mode. The 10 seconds are for the GPS to get an accuracy of, at most, 100 meters.

  • If the GPS gets a better accuracy than 100m in less than 10 seconds then it stops searching (before the 10s time-frame ends), and sends the data to the cloud and goes to sleep mode for the polling rate specified

In sum, this means that in the worst case scenario the GPS will get an accuracy of 100m in 10s. On the other hand, the best case scenario will be when the GPS gets an accuracy of 1 meter in 1 second.

  • If the GPS does not get a better accuracy than 100m in less than 10sec then it analyses and collects the best accuracy value from the 10s filter period, sends to the cloud the best (smallest) value and goes to sleep mode for the polling rate specified


NOTE: If your polling interval is less than 20 sec, the GPS power save mode will not be activated. Therefore, the sensor will be always active even though might not have a fix and will poll the data according with your interval. In addition, it will not have any accuracy filter. 


Below there are 3 picture for illustration purposes only.
(attached can be found big size pictures)

1. PSM activated with 1 minute polling interval in a good connection area/situation


2. PSM activated with 30 seconds polling interval in a bad connection area/situation


3. PSM not activated since it's 10 second polling interval. GPS sensor is always on and the only time there could be a sleep time for the sensor is in the beginning, in case there's not a fix in the first 3 minutes.


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