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Power management: Connectivity

GSM radio            

When your profile sends data to the cloud, GSM radio is activated. Sending data to the cloud takes typically 21 seconds. If the amount of data is big or signal quality is poor, time can be up to 40 seconds.

Power consumption of the GSM radio when Thingsee is sending data is maximum 133 mA when the connection quality is poor and maximum transmitter power is used. If the GSM base station is close and the connection quality is high, power consumption drops to 60 mA.

 Duration (s) 22 40
Power consumption (mA) 60 133


WLAN radio          

WLAN takes quite a lot of power and we recommend to use GSM radio instead when you really need to save power and Thingsee battery last long with one charging. WLAN power consumption is 100 - 280 mA depending on the signal quality when activated. Data sending takes around 31 seconds.

 Duration (s) 31 31
Power consumption (mA) 100 280



Bluetooth device is very power efficient. When the Bluetooth is active and listening devices in the neighborhood it only takes 8 uA of power. When the device is receiving an actual measurement it takes 6 mA of power. Getting one measurement from an external sensor takes typically maximum one second.


 Duration (s) 0,1 1
Power consumption (mA) 6 6


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