Thingsee Support

Bluetooth LE implementation: What is its current status?

Thingsee Creator, Purpose Engine or the mobile apps do not yet have support for sending or receiving data over Bluetooth.


However, Thingsee BT chip has full BT LE stack that you can take advantage of in your own custom applications. There’s also a Thingsee specific protocol on top of that to enable serial communication. By default, BT chip is not powered on by Thingsee SW. 


If you like to evaluate BT functionality, please modify Thingsee Device SW by using the Thingsee Device SDK. When the chip is powered on, you can find Thingsee in BT search, for example using nRF Master Control application found in Google Play. BT pairing is not enabled at the moment.


Thingsee BT doesn’t support central mode at the moment. This means that you cannot connect BT sensors to the Thingsee. We will start working on BT for coming releases. If you have some special BT accessory you would like to connect to Thingsee, please inform us, so we can take that into account when planning future releases.

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