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Latest Thingsee software (retail version)


Newer retail version of Thingsee software:

(Updated file attached below)

Software improvements:

Thingsee Engine FW fixes:

  • sense_group_location: return from gps callback if engine state changes

Initial State connector:

  • Do not send separate latitude/longitude events if merge lat/lon mode is enabled


Old Versions:

Software improvements:

Thingsee Engine FW changes:

  • Add SYSTEM.JSN configuration file for generic device settings
    such as to control power-on and charging.
  • Fixes for GPS performance.
  • Improved implementation of GPS power-save modes.
  • Fix 'send logs' functionality with modem.
  • Fixes for profiles that have same sensors used from parallel tasks.
  • Bug-fixes for Thingsee Engine
  • Increase debug-serial baudrate from 115200 to 2000000 (2M).

Initial State connector:

  • Add epoch timestamp to events
  • Add CLOUD.JSN configuration knob for merging GPS latitude
    and longitude into single event


Software improvements:

  • Several bug fixes;
  • Multi cloud connector added in the same FW update (currently there are Thingsee Creator, Kii, Initial State and Meshblu cloud connectors) For further instructions follow the link.




Here's how to update the Sales SW:

How do I updated my Thingsee One to the latest Thingsee software?

Additional information:

If you want you can try the Thingsee software ALPHA version that is being updated in a weekly basis on Github. 
You can have access to it from the following article: I would like to update to Thingsee software ALPHA version. From where can I get it?


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