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How do I update my Thingsee One to the latest Thingsee software (retail version)?

  1. Make sure that what you're about to install on your device is the latest retail software available from Thingsee
  2. Plug your Thingsee One to the computer via USB cable
  3. Copy the update.oci file from Latest Thingsee software (retail version) to your Thingsee folder or you can find it attached below. UPDATE: New firmware from 04.04.2017
  4. Eject and then extract your Thingsee One from the computer
  5. Once you extract your Thingsee One from the PC, the device will do the necessary backup saves and updates
  6. Thingsee One will finally restart as usual, meaning that the device is ready to be used


 Creating the backups:

 Updating the software: 

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