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How can I receive SMS notification while having a WiFi configuration?

First of all, you'll still need to have an active SIM card in your Thingsee One device.

Secondly, currently from Thingsee Creator it is not possible to configure it but the software in Thingsee can perform it.

  •  We will be updating the Thingsee Creator in the future to incorporate this.

So you’ll need to join both codes from Wifi and cellular setting into one cloud.jsn file.
When both are configured, WiFi is always used for data and cellular connectivity is only used for SMS notification.


This is a guideline use case:
Notice that the connectionId in WiFi is smaller than cellular connectivity in order for the WiFi to be recognised as the priority one.

   "connections": [


      "cellularConnections": [


          "accessPointName": "internet",

          "pinCode": "1234",

          "connectionId": 2



      "wifiConnections": [


          "ssid": "ap name",

          "password": "password",

          "encryption": "wpa2",

          "connectionId": 1





  "sms": {

    "min_interval_minutes": 0,

    "max_per_day": 24


NB: We strongly recommend you to generate the code from both settings from your account and join them later in a single cloud.JSN file. 
Do not use the above code as a template.


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