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How can I understand the info displayed in senses view (sensor's ID)?

In order to quickly understand the information displayed in the senses view from we have compiled a quick guide for the senseIDs and their respective names.

If you want to understand the meaning of the SenseID in more detail, you can take a look at the article Thingsee Events (API).

For example, your Thingsee One senses view might display this:

0x00060400 0:1010.05987
0x00030200 0:92.000000

This means that you are measuring the air pressure (code: 0604) with the value of 1010.1 hPa, and the battery level of your device (code: 0302) with the value of 92%.


Here's a table for all the possible sensors and their senseIDs.

SenseID (part) Sensor name Unit
0101 Location, Latitude degrees
0102 Location, Longitude degrees 
0103 Location, Altitude meters
0104 Location, Accuracy meters
0105 Location, Is inside geofence boolean
0201 GPS speed m/s
0302 Current battery level %
0401 Orientation, Heading degrees
0402 Orientation, Yaw, signed degrees
0403 Orientation, Pitch, signed degrees
0404 Orientation, Roll, signed degrees
0501 Acceleration, Longitudinal acceleration g
0502 Acceleration, Lateral acceleration g
0503 Acceleration, Vertical acceleration g
0504 Acceleration, Impact g
0601 Environment, Temperature C
0602 Environment, Humidity %
0603 Environment, Ambient light lux
0604 Environment, Air pressure hPa
0801 Timer, Unix time s


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