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How do I identify Thingsee device while using custom cloud URL?

There is deviceAuthUuid http-header in every custom post event from which you can differentiate Thingsee devices.

However, you will not receive it in the exact format as it's in the rest docs. The data is the same, but you'll need to get it from the http headers instead of from json data in the response body.

So with your preferred way of catching the request, get the headers and find deviceAuthUuid from there.

Here's a rudimentary php script. You'll probably have something more sophisticated in use, but this might be useful to start with.

   $logfile = fopen("log.txt","a");
   $logdata = "";

   $headers = getallheaders();
   foreach ($headers as $name => $value) {
      $logdata .= "$name: $value\n";
   $logdata .= @file_get_contents('php://input');
   $logdata .= "\n----\n\n";



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