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Thingsee Engine API - Introduction

Thingsee Engine API
Version 01.00, 03.07.2015

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Thingsee Engine API is a collection of different messages and data models that are used by Thingsee device to connect and communicate with different cloud services. This specification does not specify any REST API or other protocols for communication. Instead, it defines the payload that needs to be sent between cloud and device to support all Thingsee features.

There are no strict protocols, REST APIs or other transport requirements for these APIs. It is up to Thingsee Connector implementation to implement communication as requested by cloud service; Thingsee Engine API is built as a data definition using JSON structures, and the only requirement for cloud server is to provide and handle these data structures as defined in this API document. Thingsee will support a few ready-made connectors for selected cloud services, and those can be used as is, or as a reference implementation for other cloud services.

![API overview](/Users/m/Desktop/thingsee-api.png "Thingsee Engine data structures.")

Thingsee Property (API) defines message structures for exchanging device- and cloud-specific settings between communicating parties. A device will use this API to describe its properties and available sensors to cloud. A cloud will send its properties to a device, usually containing user account information, urls, protocols and other credentials.

Thingsee Profile (API) defines purposes for Thingsee device. This data structure is a description of state-machine with user-defined events, thresholds and actions. Thingsee device behaviour and use cases can be fully defined by changing the device profile without any need to modify actual device software.

Thingsee Event (API) is the container for all sensor data sent by a device.

Thingsee (Purpose) Engine is the run-time for Thingsee intelligence, and it uses a profile to create a behaviour model and a simple state-machine functionality.

Thingsee Connector is an extension to Thingsee (Purpose) Engine, and its responsibility is to handle all communications between the device and the cloud. This component makes sure that all the data is transferred to the correct web APIs, and that communication protocols and initiative functions are taken care of.

Thingsee Connector is cloud service specific and it should be the only component that needs changes when integrating Thingsee to any cloud server.


Change history

Version Date Description
01.00 03.07.2015 This is 1.0 version of the API


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