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Unknown purpose or unknown state in Thingsee Creator

When in Thingsee Creator dashboard view you can be prompted with 'Unknown purpose' or 'Unknown state'

This means that the device has not sent data/events to the cloud, hence Thingsee Creator service is not able to know which purpose or which state is currently active in your device.

When Thingsee One device reads sensors' value, it register this type of record: 


And as explained in this article there is registered the profile ID, purpose ID, state ID and event ID (the four first entries separated with comma). When this event is sent to the cloud, Thingsee Creator is able to translate those codes into human readable information and present them in the respective places.

If there are not any events sent to cloud then Thingsee Creator will not be able to do the conversion.

In sum, Thingsee Creator tool is as real-time as you want it to be. If you send the sensor's data to cloud immediately after being read, then Thingsee Creator will present data as fast as your WiFi or cellular connectivity are. On the other hand, if you store the data first and only send it e.g. once a day, then you will update the cloud's data base only once a day.

Please don't confuse real-time with the frequency of which your sensors data is read. If you have a purpose that only reads the temperature every 15 minutes (as the Temperature Logger purpose) then, you will need to wait 15 minutes before Thingsee Creator can display "Temperature Logger" under "PURPOSE CHANGE" (assuming that the device is sending data to cloud instead of storing it and it is the first 15 minutes of usage for that purpose).

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