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Thingsee One features

Weatherproof and dust proof mechanics

Thingsee One was designed and manufactured to get IP67 certification.

In other words, dust proof from total dust ingress and waterproof from immersion between 15 centimetres and 1 meter in depth.

However, because we cannot guarantee that once the device is opened to e.g. insert a SIM card, it will be closed with the same torque as it came from factory (and also torque required to withstand the test for IP67 certification), we cannot promise that capability.

On the other hand, we can promise that it will withstand raining drops, thus, weatherproof.


Battle tested construction

Capable of withstanding:

  • Crushing force: 2300 N
  • Drop Speed: 4,4 m/s
    • Drop height: 1 meter
  • Impact energy: 10,2 J

You can also see it in action in this video:


Easy mounting anywhere

One can mount the device with screws, zip ties (cable ties) or even with the help of tape.

To maintain your Thingsee One in good shape please use screws as instructed in the quick guide, and use zip ties that their width isn't greater than 4mm. 

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