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Cellular (SIM card) configuration

In this article we present four factors to help you configure a cellular connectivity correctly.

Firstly, Thingsee One only operates with GPRS (2G) network.

Secondly, the operator provider you choose can influence the quality of connection since the 2G network is not as widely spread anymore in a specific country as 3G is. You can search this information in your potential operators' own webpage. Additionally, Thingsee One can experience connectivity problems when the signal strength is between -105dB and -110dB.

Thirdly, check in your contract or through a quick web search what is the APN for your type of SIM card. The APN is currently the only variable you'll need to insert while registering your device in Thingsee Creator.

Last but not least, make sure that the PIN code query is disabled from your SIM card. If your SIM card needs a PIN code then Thingsee One will not recognise it. You can ask the seller to do it for you or you can use a mobile phone to do it (usually from setting menu). 

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