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How can I change back from Initial State dashboard to Thingsee Creator?

UPDATE: If you already have the latest retail version update: 2016.10.21.2_Thingsee_SDK_Retail then you can move to perform specific changes in the cloud.jsn and profile.jsn file since there is no need to update the FW of your device. On the other hand, if you haven't yet, please first update the FW of your device to the one on the above link and then proceed with the reading.

OLD: If you have already used Initial State dashboard you have also updated the SW version of your Thingsee One. Thus, if you want to switch back to use Thingsee Creator you will need to downgrade your device's SW to the original retail version.
The retail version software of Thingsee can be found here.


You will need to replace the cloud.jsn file and edit the profile.jsn file as follow:

  • Replacement of cloud.jsn file
    If you haven't saved the cloud.jsn file that worked in Thingsee Creator, you will need to register the device again. This is due to the fact that there is generated an unique code at the time of registration so that you can in practice add as many times as you want the same device.
    If you have it saved, simply replace the old file with the one that works with Thingsee Creator.

  • Edition of profile.jsn file
    If your device does not have the GPS sensor active then you need to edit anything.
    On the other hand, if you have the GPS sensor active you will need to separate the sensor ID 0x00010700 into 0x00010100 and 0x00010200, latitude and  longitude respectively.
    Alternatively, and the best solution, is to just use one of the purposes saved on your list of purposes in Thingsee Creator.
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