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What is the best SIM card to buy?

Currently we use Elisa M2M and TeliaSonera SIM cards for our own testing and internal use with only data transfer. Our headquarters is located in Oulu, Finland. Likewise, we have previously recommend people living in Finland to get a SIM card from one of these two operators. However, we have a customer that experienced significant better results with DNA SIM cards in comparison with Elisa ones.

In addition to the above mentioned we cannot recommend a specific operator due to the fact that a single operator might have several types of subscriptions that might not be aligned with your requirements. However, we can help you to search beforehand and ask the right questions while buying a subscription from an operator.

Options & features to take into consideration when buying a SIM card for your Thingsee One:

  • Do I need a fixed monthly contract model or is a pre-paid Sim card enough?
    If you don't know, then first give a try with a pre-paid SIM card.
  • What type of subscription?
    Just data transfer SIM cards are enough, you won't be using voice transfer since Thingsee One does not have a feature to use it. Also as the IoT term is more commonly used among end-users you should be able to ask your operator for M2M SIM cards - mainly data transfer sim cards. 
  • Check what is the best operator from your country for the area you will be using Thingsee One. It is possible to check the operator's network coverage in their own website. 
  • What is the data usage package that I'll need to buy?
    This will depend on your usage. However, a user has given a guideline on data usage/transfer needed per month. You can give a look at it in our community by following this link.
  • If there is the possibility, ask the seller to turned off the PIN code request. This way, you don't need to have the extra work to do it yourself with the aid of a mobile phone.
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